Weekend Rate (minimum 2 night stay)
Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun
$270 per night (per couple)
Extra adults $90 per person.
Extra children $50 per child.

Mid Week Rate
$170 per night (per couple)
Extra people $90 per person
Extra children $50 per child.

Full payment is required prior to arrival
Check 3pm. Check out 11am. (Late check out by arrangment.)

20% Discount for last minute bookings. Please call to confirm availability.
Terms & Conditions
Cancellation Policy
We understand that sometime “life intervenes” and you may need to re-schedule or cancel your booking with us.
Where possible we’ll do our best to re-schedule your stay.
We’ll give a full refund if you notify us of the cancellation 30 days or more prior to your arrival.
100% of the total booking will be charged if you notify us less than 14 days prior to you arrival